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Goldfields Generator Hire and Sale

High quality, durable generators that won't cost a fortune, delivered to you.




Leeson Electrical have chosen to offer only the best brand of Generators to ensure quality, safety and durability.


Benefits of Hiring a Generator

Generator Hire Goldfields

• Ideal for emergency and back up power

• All generators have easy lifting points

• Provides a reliable power option for harsh conditions

• Reliable and durable generators that can provide years of service for you

• Operates in all conditions, includes outage protection features

Generator Hire Goldfields

• Provides additional power for your remote needs

• We can deliver to you anywhere in the Goldfields

• We have a wide range of hire items and discounts for regular customers

• Hire a generator from just $60 per day

Call us if you are a mining or drilling company, or any other business that
requires remote power solutions, to book a generator for hire.


Generator Hire Goldfields

Generator Hire for Mining and Drilling Companies

Mining and Drilling companies need a reliable power supply for their remote sites. When the site is spread across a large area, it is costly to run mains power to all equipment. Leeson Electrical can hire you a generator to power your pumps, bores or anything else you may require, short or long term.

It is very difficult to find the right generator hire company in the Goldfields, and it's even harder to get hold of one that can provide you with a generator on short notice.

That is why we are here - We want to save our clients time and money by providing them with access to mobile generators at competitive prices.

All of our generators come fully equipped with the required accessories including trailer, extension lead and distribution board.


Avoid Power Outages by Hiring a Generator

We all know that power outages can be extremely inconvenient, but they're also costly.

Blackouts and brownouts are a fact of life, but you don't want to lose your expensive equipment or have your sensitive data lost because of an unexpected outage.

Leeson Electrical have the solution for this problem.

Our generators are designed to keep your business running during a power failure in any situation with our generator hire goldfields service. We provide reliable and safe solutions for businesses who need backup power at home or on the go with generators from 16kVA up to 160kVA.

Cost-effective Generator Solutions

Leeson Electrical can provide backup power with our reliable generator hire service, which is cheaper than buying your own generator and easier than setting up solar panels.

Generators Delivered to You

We deliver trailer-mounted fully serviced generators ready to go - no need for you to spend hours trying to figure it all out.

Our team of experts will also be on hand during installation and throughout the duration of your contract if you get stuck at any point so there's no need for you to worry about anything!

Generators for Sale and Hire

We offer emergency backup generators for sale as well as generator hire services in Australia that are ideal for remote areas with no access to the grid.

Our generators run on diesel fuel and are perfect for providing temporary power in situations where there's no other option available.

Generators of Different Sizes

Whether you need a small easily transportable generator or a large industrial unit, we've got what you're looking for!